Creating Your Site: Custom Made System or Known CMS

This is a very important question. It should be already clear before acquiring a web hosting service. Here’s why…

If you are looking for web hosting you can meet a lot of different types of the service. One way of categorizing it is by “purpose”. So for example, if you want to host a WordPress based website, you can choose WordPress hosting. So it’s really good to know before hand what the website will run on.

You might ask, what will you benefit from choosing a certain type of hosting? Well, the answer is quite obvius.

For one, you will have a customized system for your needs, so the environment you are working in will be more suited for you.

Secondly, and this comes from the abpve statement, you will not have unnecessary tools and features, which will save you money and the website will perform better.

Besides web hosting apsects, there are several other factors which play an important role in when deiciding what content management system to use. If you will use a custom made one, you will not have to worry about updating the site, but with time as you modernize it, you will have to pay for the development.

With a well-known, usually free CMS, you don’t have to pay for the updates. There are a lot of people working on these types of projects, so if you ask me, I would recommend going with the already made CMS. I think that the developlment of these is much better, they are more reliable and extendable.

So there you have it guys. Make sure you follow this though- pattern before you buy hosting, and you should be good.

Curved Gorilla glass for smartphones and Smartwatches

Just before the start of the consumer electronics show CES 2014 Las Vegas Corning has introduced a new manufacturing technology for Gorilla glass. With the “3D glass-forming” technology it should be possible to produce curved Gorilla glass. To do so, Corning collaborates with the Taiwanese manufacturer of G-Tech optoelectronics.

I am more familiar with the web hosting industry and I know that FatCow is constantly takes advantage of new technologies.

Corning is now working to try to make the product ready for the market, and assumes a launch this year, so that it can be used later in the year in mobile equipment. The production of glass will take place in Taiwan. So Corning is well prepared for the upcoming boom of devices with flexible displays.

The first two smartphones with curved display come from Samsung and LG. The Galaxy round a curve from left to right, the G Flex from LG is bent down.

The two above mentioned smartphones have still no curved Gorilla glass. New applications would be possible with the availability of the new display glass – concrete plans are not yet known.

The first mobile device with Cornigs Gorilla glass in 2007 was the first iPhone from Apple. The alkali aluminosilicate glass is covered in the production with a compressible layer that hampers the growth of miniature cracks and prevents scratches. Since then, the scratch-resistant glass is used by several device manufacturers both smartphones and tablets. Gorilla glass is designed to prevent the display glass getting scratched or damaged.

Corning is represented on CES in Las Vegas. The electronics fair begins on January 7 and ends on 10 January 2014.

Building your Website

A business that wants to prosper has a strong online presence in todays circumstances. Your competition will probably create a website for their business, so you should to. It highly recommended that we create websites for our businesses because this is one of the simplest ways to connect with a wide audience. Let’s not forget that the most valuable company at the present is in the IT industry, so there s a lot of potential in this industry. We can read all kinds of success stories about everyday small business owners making it online. Technology made us somewhat dependent but it has it’s positives too, and one of these is that it can put your business to path of success.

A straight way to increase the number of your sales and clients is by creating a website. Saying it is easy, but when it comes to doing, most of the people are afraid to actaully do it. They don’t know how to build a website, what are the finances associated with this, where should I start, what do I need to make it happen? The answer is very straightforward – you need to read this article and learn.

A lot of times the reason for not having a website besides finances is the lack of knowledge. So I’m going to break it down to you as simple as possible: first you need a web host and everything else will come after. A great budget web host that is perfect for any website type from small to medium is Fatcow. I love this particular website because it discusses Fatcow’s service in a detailed manner and it even has a tutorail on how to create a website with WordPress or the Weeby site builder. Anyways, you have two options when you want to put a website online: use CMS (like Joomla) or blogging script or create a website with a site builder. Fatcow is good because it provides a free site builder. If you’re a beginner I’d say you go with a CMS or a blogging script like WordPress. You set it up with a few clicks and you can start your online venture. If you don’t know something, you will read the documentation provided by the web host or contact them, and they will help you.

On the other road, if you want to create site of your own, you can use a site builder. Fatcow provides a simple to use site builder, but if you don’t want to go with that, here’s what you should look for in a good site builder:

  1. Simple to use: a good site builder doesn’t require the user to know any coding or to be a designer. You should be able to create your website without any knowledge regarding web development. It should also be well documented to help you along the way.
  2. Free templates & Customizability: your site builder should have free templates too, in case you want to use those. It should also allow you to modify those as you wish. Every website’s needs are different, so your’s are different too, you should be able to make customizations according to your needs or vision.

So as you can see, it doesn’t matter if you are on a low budget, you don’t have to have a professional or be one to create a website, just find a webhost with a free site builder and you should be good.