Curved Gorilla glass for smartphones and Smartwatches

Curved Gorilla glass for smartphones and Smartwatches

Curved Gorilla glass for smartphones and Smartwatches

Just before the start of the consumer electronics show CES 2014 Las Vegas Corning has introduced a new manufacturing technology for Gorilla glass. With the “3D glass-forming” technology it should be possible to produce curved Gorilla glass. To do so, Corning collaborates with the Taiwanese manufacturer of G-Tech optoelectronics.

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Corning is now working to try to make the product ready for the market, and assumes a launch this year, so that it can be used later in the year in mobile equipment. The production of glass will take place in Taiwan. So Corning is well prepared for the upcoming boom of devices with flexible displays.

The first two smartphones with curved display come from Samsung and LG. The Galaxy round a curve from left to right, the G Flex from LG is bent down.

The two above mentioned smartphones have still no curved Gorilla glass. New applications would be possible with the availability of the new display glass – concrete plans are not yet known.

The first mobile device with Cornigs Gorilla glass in 2007 was the first iPhone from Apple. The alkali aluminosilicate glass is covered in the production with a compressible layer that hampers the growth of miniature cracks and prevents scratches. Since then, the scratch-resistant glass is used by several device manufacturers both smartphones and tablets. Gorilla glass is designed to prevent the display glass getting scratched or damaged.

Corning is represented on CES in Las Vegas. The electronics fair begins on January 7 and ends on 10 January 2014.

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