Creating Your Site: Custom Made System or Known CMS

Creating Your Site: Custom Made System or Known CMS

Creating Your Site: Custom Made System or Known CMS

This is a very important question. It should be already clear before acquiring a web hosting service. Here’s why…

If you are looking for web hosting you can meet a lot of different types of the service. One way of categorizing it is by “purpose”. So for example, if you want to host a WordPress based website, you can choose WordPress hosting. So it’s really good to know before hand what the website will run on.

You might ask, what will you benefit from choosing a certain type of hosting? Well, the answer is quite obvius.

For one, you will have a customized system for your needs, so the environment you are working in will be more suited for you.

Secondly, and this comes from the abpve statement, you will not have unnecessary tools and features, which will save you money and the website will perform better.

Besides web hosting apsects, there are several other factors which play an important role in when deiciding what content management system to use. If you will use a custom made one, you will not have to worry about updating the site, but with time as you modernize it, you will have to pay for the development.

With a well-known, usually free CMS, you don’t have to pay for the updates. There are a lot of people working on these types of projects, so if you ask me, I would recommend going with the already made CMS. I think that the developlment of these is much better, they are more reliable and extendable.

So there you have it guys. Make sure you follow this though- pattern before you buy hosting, and you should be good.

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